Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where is Thumbkin? Here I am.

Meet Easton's new best friend: his thumb. 

Easton's rules regarding thumb-sucking (or what we've learned by watching him):
Rule #1. Suck your thumb when tired 
Rule #2. Suck your thumb immediately when you lie down in your crib
Rule #3. Suck your RIGHT thumb ONLY (but you can suck your fingers on your left hand if   you want)

Easton's daddy was a thumbsucker too so I guess he is a chip off the old block.

Noona's Here!!!

This past weekend was a special time at the Chester home as Noona (Justin's mother) was able to come in from Las Vegas and spend an extended weekend with us. Easton enjoyed laughing and "agoo"-ing with Noona from Friday through Monday and was sad to see her go on Monday afternoon. We look forward to traveling out to Vegas in April so that Easton can visit with Granpa (Justin's stepdad), Noona, and  Aunt BeeBee (Justin's sister, Brynne). What fun awaits!

Easton's First Hike- The Rainbow Falls Trail

This past week, the Chesters 3 went up to the Great Smoky Mountains to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been blessed with this month.  After speaking with one of the park rangers about various trails in the Smokies, we decided to take Easton on the Rainbow Falls Trail. This was Easton's first hike and he did great...he loves his Baby Bjorn (as it allows him to have a great view of what's ahead). Easton was such a great trooper as it seems we can tote him anywhere. He even took a nap along the hike.

 Jus and Easton at the trailhead
 The Chester Fam
My two boys

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Fun Girlie Shower

Today I was honored to help host a shower for Kathi Mitchell who is expecting little Graelyn in just a few weeks. It was great to get together with girlfriends and catch up while eating and chatting. Here are a few pics to summarize the girlie party:
It's not a party without good food

A view of some friends who attended the shower

Many cute gifts for Graelyn 

Party Hosts with the Mom-to-be
From left to right: Julie, Brooke, & Kathi

 Lexi & Kathi

The After-party
Easton making it clear to Ms. Meggie that it is time for him to eat

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Easton's Little Personality

Easton is such a happy baby. His "wake-time" as we call it (the time when he is not eating or napping) is spent smiling and cooing as well as chatting in his baby language. He loves looking in the mirror and talking to that baby who keeps smiling at him. We have been so blessed to have such an angel baby who seems to have a laid-back way about him (taken after his father). Easton is not startled by loud noises. He sleeps through any  loud noise (Justin was drilling under the house today during Easton's nap and the boy did not bat an eye lash). Though Easton seems to have a calm disposition, he does already show that he is driven (a quality given to him by both his parents) as he not only wants to stand up (at 12 weeks old) but he wants to jump and run when on his feet. I can only imagine what trouble we will be in when he starts crawling. Easton is curious. He observes the room and any light that he can find. He loves looking out windows and also loves staring and swatting at (and sometimes making contact with) his "buddies" that hang from his play-mat. He is a people person already as he will let anyone hold him. Not only does he allow different folks to hold him but he interacts (via smiling and cooing) at any new face that shows interest in him. We look forward to watching Easton grow, though selfishly, want him to stay little as long as possible.