Friday, July 22, 2011

Jack and Jules Event Quickly Approaching

Since our last post there have been some exciting things happening at the Chester home... As many of you know my mom has the ability and talent to sew. She made all of Easton's baby bedding as well as his window treatment, diaper hanger, hat box, etc. that grace his bedroom. Though I have absolutely NO artistic ability, I do have the ability to market and think in a business fashion; thus, I have marketed my mom to sell CUSTOM MADE BOPPY COVERS at the Jack and Jules Event next week. She has made 30 of the cutest Boppy Covers with patterns that are so cute! (better than any you'd see in the store at Babys R Us or Target). 

 Jack and Jules Event Sale at Turkey Creek July 28, 29, & 30th. Go check out the sale and these cute Custom Made Boppy Covers!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Easton Gage at 8 Months of Age

Is our child really 8 months old? It's so hard to believe that November 7 was almost a year ago and we will be celebrating Easton's 1 year old birthday in just a few months. 

What milestones has Easton reached thus far? 

Solid Foods: Well, the child will eat anything...literally. Easton eats avocados, sweet potatoes, pasta (including lasagna), all kinds of meat including chicken, ground beef, ground elk (of course), pulled pork, broccoli, squash (butternut, yellow, zucchini, etc), corn, rolls, corn bread, waffles (no syrup, just the waffle), yogurt (greek to be exact), all kinds of fruit (plums, bananas, peaches, blue berries, strawberries, cantaloupe, pears, apples), mushrooms, you can see, he eats well.  

Physical Development: Easton is very physical which he has been since birth (rolled over for the first time at 3 weeks...NO JOKE!) He loves jumping in his Johnny-Jump-Up and is very attentive to playing with the toys that hang from the front while jumping. With regards to crawling, Easton has mastered going backwards on his hands and knees as well as the plank and correct position on performing push-ups (on his toes! something his mother still can't do). He is currently learning to crawl forward which consists of getting up on his hands and knees and LEAPING (I kid you not) using his legs as if he were a frog and then landing on his hands. He totally skipped the "army crawl" as some babies do for a while. He used to sleep on his back and side but now prefers to roll over and sleep on his tummy. Bedtime (of his direction) is usually between 8 and 8:30 PM and lasts until around 7:30 AM. 

General Growth: Easton has two teeth (one on bottom and one on the top left side) of which have just presented within the past week. We have been lucky so far with his teething as he has had no fever, fussiness, or diarrhea as can be common with this time. He is growing fast and is now wearing anywhere from 9 to 12 months clothing and will be quickly growing out of his stage 3 diapers. "His latest achievement is that he's cuter and cuter every day and I can't get enough of him," a quote from his Daddy referring to Easton's development.