Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life at the Chesters: Two hospital admissions, 6 month MD appointment and a trip to Dollywood

The past two weeks have been a whirl wind at the Chester Home. We celebrated hosting our 3rd annual Quatro de Mayo on the first Wed of the month then that following Friday night we spent the night at Children's hospital (again) as Easton's virus had revamped in full force. We were discharged from the hospital last Tuesday with several inhalers, allergy meds, and an appointment with a pediatric pulmonologist. 

This week we attended Easton's 6 month checkup at the pediatricians office where there seems to be no sign of wheezing, runny nose or cough...just a happy baby who looks and better yet, sounds great. At this appointment Easton weighed in at 16 lb 2 oz (30th percentile) and measured 26.2 inches in length (50th percentile). He is growing so fast and it amazes me that we have a 6 month old son who can sit on his own while playing with his toys and who eats everything in sight (he took down spaghetti with meat sauce today-pureed of course). 

A few pictures from Quatro de Mayo
Denver & Easton

Wyatt, the "Quatro" mascott

Friends: (L to R) Cheri, Polly, & Camilla

The "Quatro" Gang

To celebrate being out of the hospital for more than a week we took a fun trip to Dollywood on Monday (an East Tennessee tradition in my family) and had lots of fun. My Pappaw loves to see the shows at Dollywood and it blew us away that Easton LOVES the shows too! He couldn't take his eyes off of the gospel quartet as well as the actors in the 50's show at the Dollywood park. There are many more fun times ahead with this little guy, and I can't wait!
The Dollywood Crew

 Mammaw & Pappaw with Easton
Easton giving Aunt Li Li kisses

Easton & Mumsey

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easton: the Center Fold

During Easton's stay with Noona in Las Vegas he was taken to a professional photographer and photographed to capture his turning 6 months of age. Peanut Photography did an excellent job of capturing the many sides of his blossoming personality and though we would love to purchase all of the pictures that were captured, we cannot (the prices are a little steep). BUT I can provide the link to Easton's page on the photography website so that you can enjoy the artist's work as well as see our precious Easton in front of the camera. So cute. 

If you would like to take a look, simply click on the link below. My personal favorites are No. 8 & 18. Justin's favorites are the last few shots with the Safari hat. Enjoy...         Password: easton

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sat, April 16 the Chester Clan loaded up and flew from Knoxville to Las Vegas on a trip for Easton to visit Noona & Granpa and for Justin & I to take a mini vacation (alone) in Southern California. It was such a great trip as Easton was able to spend some quality time with Noona, Granpa, Aunt Bee Bee (Brynne-Justin's sister) and Uncle Quinn (Justin's brother who flew in from Portland to visit). Easton was also blessed to have been able to visit with a set of his great-grandparents from California, Grandpa & Granma. Here are a few pictures to summarize our fun trip:

Flower Gardens
Carlesbad, CA

Beaches of Carlesbad, CA

La jolla Beach, CA

Seals and Sea lions come to this beach to sun bathe

 Old Towne, San Diego 
(Great mexican food)

San Diego Zoo

 I had to take a picture of the landscaping out west (picture below). 
Much different than what we see here in the south.

 A view from the pier where we stayed in Oceanside, CA

 The famous Laguna Beach

 This chic vehicle is how Justin and I got around in California. 
Much different from the 4x4 Tundra Justin prefers in Tennessee.
 Some quick pics of Easton at Noona's

 Brooke & Aunt Bee Bee
 The girls 
(Aunt Bee Bee, Noona, & Brooke)

 Brynne & Justin
 Easton's view of the Vegas Strip
 A pic of hotel Paris from the Venetian sidewalk

What a fun trip. Easton did great on the flights out and back (minus the cold he caught probably in the plane). We enjoyed time with family, a different local, and warm weather but as always, loved coming home to God's country...beautiful East Tennessee.