Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some time in Savannah with my two boys

Justin, Easton, and I headed down to Savannah, GA for a quick 5 day get-a-way to celebrate Justin and my 7 year anniversary as well as Easton's 8 month old "birthday". We had a wonderful mini vacation and enjoyed Easton's first trip to the beach as well as shopping, great seafood and southern cuisine (we frequented two of Paula Dean's restaurants), and a historical carriage ride through Downtown Savannah. We stayed at a quaint cottage just 1 block from Forsyth Park and strolled Easton all over the city. What a fun trip! Here are a few pics that capture our vacation...

 A view into the living area of the cottage where we stayed
 Jus and Easton on the alligator at the Crab Shack on Tybee Island, GA
 Easton and I on the beach at Tybee Island our first night in Savannah
 Easton's first experience with sand

 The Chester Fam 
(Justin did a great job photographing with the automatic timer on the camera)

 Daddy and his little man
 Easton did like playing in the sand but DIDN'T like going into the waves & water. 
We hypothesized that the salt taste on his wet thumb ruined the experience for him. 
 Easton's personal beach cabana

One of the fountains in Forsyth Park
 Our carriage horse and buggy

 A few shots taken at Moon River Brewing Co. Delish!
 At the Lady and Sons Restaurant 
(Paula Dean's)

The beautiful Live Oaks of Savannah
"Oh we LOVE Southern Living!"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Days

Justin and I love that the days are longer right now (It's not getting dark until about 9:30) because after work and dinner we still have time to play outside with our little man before bedtime. This week, we decided to walk down the street and introduce Easton to the playground and baby swing in one of the subdivisions close to our house. Easton absolutely loved swinging and hanging out with his Momma and Daddy around the big pond right next to the play ground. He also got to see a horse up close while strolling past one of the farms that sits next to our home in Tennessee. I'm sure there will be many more memories to come at this small playground near our home. 

P.S. The sunglasses you see Easton wearing in these pics came from Nana Bobbin and A-daddy and Easton loves them. He acts as if these glasses are just another part of his attire for the day. He's such a laid back baby and goes with the flow no matter what we introduce to him... he is such a gift.

 Enjoying the baby swing
 Wondering why his feet don't touch the ground like his Daddy's do
 A close-up
 Hanging with Momma 
 Not sure about sittin on the slide

 The Chester Clan
What fun we had!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pool Days

Just a quick snapshot taken this week at Mumsey's pool. Easton loves the water and doesn't mind sticking his own face down into the small waves ( I think he likes drinking the salt water). He also kicks like he's been swimming for years. Mumsey bought him this cool float that also helps shade him from the sun. We plan on getting much use out of this nice float over the next few months. Come join us!

Memorial Day Weekend

The Chester Clan took a weekend trip to Alabama to visit a good friend from pharmacy school and her family. We couldn't wait to see the Dougherty family and spend some time together. It was so neat to see Julie glow during her second pregnancy and watch Easton (7 Mo) and Reese (almost 2 yo) play together. Easton was so cute trying to keep up while watching Reese run from here to there & so neat for Justin and I to get to experience the toddler stage in all its' glory. I know East will be mobile soon as he sits well on his own (since 5 1/2 months) and scoots & rocks while sitting. He is also trying to reach objects that are just beyond his finger tips while lying on his tummy. I'm sure that crawling is just around the corner. 

Below are some cute pics from the holiday weekend:

 Easton and Momma at the pool

Reese and Easton

 Easton loved this car that Reese was so kind to share over the weekend. 
A great picture to resurface when he turns 16!