Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"That's the best baby food i've ever seen?!"

The title to this entry is one of the best compliments I could have received from my husband who walked into the kitchen this past Sunday thinking his wife was making something delish, only to find that the food being prepared was not for him but for his son. Yep, with Easton turning 18 weeks this past Sunday and a pediatrician who recommends starting solids between 4 and 6 months to prevent food allergies (a conclusion brought by the latest studies in pediatrics that suggests not waiting until 6 months of age to introduce solid foods) this Momma decided to get in the kitchen and see what she could come up with. I knew I wanted to try to make Easton's baby food so with the advice & encouragement of some friends on how "easy" it would be I decided to try it. After steaming, processing, and then spooning into freezer trays frozen sweet peas, broccoli and cauliflower, I was able to make Easton 24 servings of veggies that we can hopefully begin introducing into his diet in the next week or so. After making the first batch of baby food, my conclusion is that it is fairly simple and cost efficient. We did the math and 24 servings of veggies made at home equaled out to about 8 cents (or less) a serving compared to 89 cents per jar of baby food if we had bought the prepared baby food jars at Walmart. 
About to steam the frozen sweet peas
The dark green squares are peas and the light green squares are the broccoli/cauliflower combo
Easton's first experience with rice cereal from a spoon
"I'm not sure about this, Momma"

P.S.When telling Mumsey (my mom) about my accomplishment in the kitchen she posed the question any southern lady would think to ask, "Did you add butter to the broccoli?" 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Overstimulation? No Daddy...just fun.

Easton playing in his excersaucer today

"This is crazy fun, momma!"

Let me just say that Justin and I both agreed during our pregnancy we would NEVER buy one of these contraptions. "They're huge and we are NOT going to have a bunch of toys spread around our house" was pretty much how the conversation went back then. Fast forward to the present day...these aren't the first words we've eaten in the 17 weeks of being parents. Oh well... We currently refuse a trampoline in the back yard...hope we stick to that one. :)

3 Month Old Pics

These are just a few of the portraits taken when Easton was 14 weeks old. Yes, we are his parents and every parent feels this way about their child but HE IS TOO CUTE! And yes, that is a patch of RED hair that's growing on the top of his head. 

 Holding his head up like a BIG boy.

This pic cracks us up as we say that Easton is mimicking Puss-in-Boots on Shreck with the big eyes. He's trying to seduce already.

His momma's favorite little smile.