Thursday, November 10, 2011

Easton's 1st Birthday Party

This past Sunday, Justin and I hosted Easton's first birthday party at our home, and the party was a blast. We had balloons, presents, family (Easton's aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, & cousins), Snappy Tomato pizza  & salad, and of course, a smash cake just for Easton as well as cake and fun-fetti ice cream for the adults. Easton loved seeing all of the people he loved and that loved him just as much all together at one place at one time. He didn't know who to go to first and made his rounds among all of the guests. Justin and I were also celebrating our success as making it as parents for the first year and had a great time planning and decorating for the big 1 year celebration. 

Shown below are some snapshots from the fun day we had:

Presents from family
 Easton's first taste of pizza. Delish!

Family that came to celebrate Easton
 Easton's "Smash" Cake
Easton's birthday cake to share with family

Easton loved his cake and icecream. 
He played "Pat-a-cake" as seen in the photo above and dove 
into the icing without reservation. 

Easton ended the party with a ride around 
the yard in his new Radio Flyer wagon pulled by Daddy
 (special thanks to Noona for the gift!)

We had a great day, and I was thrilled that the day turned out so nice so that we could be outdoors for Easton's celebration. I was also pleased that both my cakes turned out so well. I had taken a cake decorating class in the month of October with the hopes of making Easton's first birthday cake. Special thanks to Sarah Davis for allowing me to use her "Smash" cake pan.