Thursday, October 6, 2011

11 Months Old - The Countdown has Begun

As of Oct 7, Easton is officially 11 months old and yes, my wheels are already turning planing this precious little boy's FIRST BIRTHDAY. 

At 11 months of age this little boy is such a ham! Easton loves life. He laughs when tickled (guaranteed tickle spots are 1) under his chin, right on the collar bone and 2) every time  you squeeze his chubby little legs). He loves hearing his Mumsey sing and will listen intently to singing and/or instrumental music. He also loves watching CMT/GAC music videos and loves dancing with his Momma to country music. Easton's favorite word remains  to be "DaDaDa!" but he is so cute as he practices the "Se", "Ta", and "ZZZ" sound repeatedly throughout the day. Easton still has yet to take his first step but he will stand on his own, that is until he realizes that he's standing on his own and then he proceeds to sit down really fast to crawl to the next venue. We continue to work on our baby sign language at meal times & Easton can now show us "All Done" when he has reached his limit. Easton has received his first haircut & I can admit that he's looking more and more like his Daddy.

 Easton on his rocking horse
 Size 4 crocs

11 Month Old Bloopers: 
Both Easton, Justin, and I have gone through growing pains with his mobility within the past few weeks-a burnt thumb (from grabbing the much-too-hot water from the spout in the bathtub) to falling (or should I say flipping) off the couch while sitting beside Daddy to being thrown out and then ran over by his Little Tykes car while his Mother was trying to be the "fun" mom and go really fast then come to a much-to-quick stop to go in reverse (those cars really should have a seat belt or strap!). Needless to say, we are all still learning in this first year and look forward to more bumps, bruises and fun times along the way.  Parents are supposed to learn on the first child, right?