Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun Fall Days- Dollywood with the Fam

After Justin returned home from his hunt, we took a family day and headed up to Dollywood with Mammaw, Pappaw, Mom, Dad, and the Chesters 3. Easton had a great time as he was able to ride several rides, including the Merry-go-around, for the first time. What a blast!
 Momma and Easton 
 Easton on his own horse
 Who knew the flying elephants would be so fun? 
Easton is on my right and behind me, Mumsey is screaming that her purse got thrown out when the ride began. LOL!
 Justin and Mumsey
 Diddy Pop and Easton
 Easton and I in the Flying Bumble Bee 
(Don't ask me how I squeezed into that ride)
 Me"Easton look at Momma!" 
(Easton thinking: "But Dad's down here")
 Easton thinking:"I don't know about all this"
Easton thinking: "I told you Daddy was down here!"